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Welcome to the Website of The Skiff Factory & The Coastal Rowing Academy

Who are we?

A business dedicated to supporting the growth of English Coastal rowing in St Ayles Skiffs; Cornish Pilot Gigs and other coastal rowing boats through the provision of services including:

Building and selling St Ayles Skiffs, the new immensely popular Community Rowing Boat including:

  • Bare Boat Hulls for you to complete;
  • Complete Boats with a range of finishes;
  • Adaptive and High Buoyancy versions;
St Ayles Skiff - The Skiff Factory

Providing a range of equipment for St Ayles Skiffs including:

  • Oars &¬†Leathers;
  • Floorboards;
  • Cushions & Covers;
St Ayles Skiff - The Skiff Factory

Providing  a range of advice, rowing lessons, boat leasing, training and coaching including:

  • Learn to Row; Competent Crew and Competent Cox Lessons, Stroke Improvement; Team Training; RowFit programmes; Workshops and Certificates;
  • Train the Trainer and Coaching of Gig and Skiff Leasing; Club building and Development Advice;
St Ayles Skiff - The Skiff Factory