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The St Ayles Skiffs

Bare Boats

Hulls for you to complete; these are completed hulls with planking, gunwales and thwarts. Supplied with or without floorboards, rudders and pins, they are unpainted/unvarnished for you to complete to your own standards. £7,500 without rudder, oars and floorboards; £8,000 with rudder, Club Oars, non-slip strips and floorboards.

St Ayles Skiff - The Skiff Factory

Complete Boats

These are finished boats, painted and varnished in your club or community colours, complete with floorboards, thole pins, leathers, (Gig Style Rowing) and rudder with a range of options including Cabes, Humbly bands and brackets for a range of rowing styles.  £9,000 with rudder, Club oars non-slip strips and floorboards.

St Ayles Skiff - The Skiff Factory

Adaptive Boats

(High Buoyancy); these are complete boats with additional buoyancy built in the hull at gunwales, bow and stern to make the Skiff self-righting and positively buoyant; with removable thwarts and additional framing for fitting adaptive rowing seats; £9,500 rudder, Club oars floorboards and additional buoyancy with removable thwarts and additional framing.



Lead time is 4-8 weeks from placing order. We can deliver a boat onto your trailer OR buy-in and deliver a boat on a braked or un-braked trailer with integrated launching dolly for around £300 in the South of England.


20% deposit on order/contract; 20% on keel laying; 20% completion of Hull; 20% on gunwales and thwarts completion; 20% prior to delivery.

Oars & Leathers

A range of oars for all uses including:

  • Novice oars; designed for ease of use, with brackets for beginners and young people to learn to row. Robust and simple they are solid shafted oars light-weight (…-… kilos); lengths between 10’and 12’ to allow 4 or 6 children to row the Skiff – sets of 4 or 6; Novice oars; £200 per set of 4; £300 per set of 6


  • Club Oars; designed for Open Rowing with young and old alike that are hollow shafted, lightweight with Xsq mm blade area; with leathers and ready to row Gig Style; or can be fitted with brackets for thole pins; lengths between 11’ and 13’ – sets of 4 oars. Club Oars; £400 per set of 4


  • Ladies/Juniors Race oars medium weight (….-….kilos) hollow shafted with leathers or brackets; Ysq mm face to the blades and lengths between 12’ and 14’ – set of 4 oars; Ladies/Juniors Race oars £500 per set of 4


  • Men’s race oars hollow shafted tapered blades and leathers ready to row Gig Style or with brackets for Pins; Z sq mm to the face between 12-15’ – set of 4 oars. Men’s race oars £600 per set of 4;


  • Paddles; A set of 10 paddles for use with the Skiffs when ‘Skiff Dragon Racing’ – great fun for children and juniors to learn timing and rhythm before moving to rowing; 900mm high and lightweight varnished paddles. Paddles; £180 per set of 8


  • Leathers; Set of 4 replacement leathers 400mm in length for Skiff Factory oars complete with laces and tape; Leathers; £120 set of 4 with laces and tape;


Most items are ex-stock or 2 weeks delivery; payment in advance of delivery Post and Packing will be charged (at cost) on all these items.


Floorboards with Footrests

A set of 5 fitted floorboards; in 9mm marine ply with oak footrests with 4 positions; varnished and lift-out design with cut-out for pump and access to the drain plug; £450 a set of 5 fitted floorboards with integral Footrests.

floor boards - The Skiff Factory
floor boards - The Skiff Factory


Racing footrests with straps designed to fit over the Ribs and provide Y sq mm of foot support; in marine ply and varnished.  Non-slip strips fitted to planking; £350 set of 4 .

foot rests - The Skiff Factory


Set of 4 cushions, complete with Velcro seals; straps and buckles for quick release and easy tighten; Optional additional 2 for use with 6 if rowing with Juniors side-by side in positions 2 and 3. £150 set of 4 cushions; £390 set of 6.

cushions - The Skiff Factory